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Special Investigation Team

A young team took upon itself to solve a difficult and thorny mystery that wrapped its mysterious threads in the city.

A rare mystery that almost destroyed the city and those in it, an invasion from an outside world, no one knew its cause or how to deal with it, so how did the investigation team solve the intertwined threads of the puzzle? How do you act?

How did they get the results together?

What is the most beautiful thing they have known and learned from this dangerous experience full of excitement, enthusiasm and interesting strange events?

All this and more you will read between the covers of this novel, which carefully studied the events and characters, to bring you an adventure of a special kind as its own team, an adventure that taught and directed, laughed and cried, and ended with the best results.

Novel: Noor Al-Tabbaa

Illustrated by: Fadi Abu Nasser

Size: 14.8×21