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Facilitating the rules of intonation (first level) by: Dr. Yahya Al-Ghuthani Subject: Tajweed. Number of pages: 32 Size: 12 x 17

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Facilitating the provisions of intonation
This book provides a summary directed at young students in facilitating the rules of intonation: in the manner of question and answer taking into account the situation of beginners, the book deals with the definition of intonation as a language and idiom, its fruit and its ruling, and how to recite the Holy Qur’an, the order and recitation, the rulings of the consonant nun and the tanween, the rulings of the static meme, the rulings of tide and its types, And anxiety and its divisions, the necessary extension sections, the rulings of the rituals, the endowment, the beginning and the silence in special places for Hafs bin Asim, and thus the benefit prevails in reciting the Holy Qur’an easily and easily.