تأليف: نجاح عامر. رسوم: علا يوسف. قياس: 21×28 الصفحات: 20 غلاف كرتوني

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In the morning she went out, as usual, to graze the sheep, and at noon she sat next to her sheep, thinking how to get a beautiful and amazing doll!

The poor girl stretched out her palms to the sky, praying to God to grant her a dummy, meaning a dummy, that she would play with like girls, and she would be supplicated and supplicated.

Dreams and wishes have no limits, especially if they meet enthusiasm and ambition, and this is what happened with Rafif, a simple rural girl, who turned her dream into a reality and reality.

How is that? And what is her story? This is what you will find in the story of the dollmaker.

Written by: Najah Amer.

Illustrated by: Ola Youssef.

Size: 21×28

Pages: 20