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Product Description

This daily record, which is unique in its design and distinguished in its style, has come into being to fulfill the need of thousands of students, males and females, in the Qur'anic circles in the world.

Throughout his field visits of those circles, the author has perceived that one of the best means that help memorizing the Qur'an, the process of follow-up and the student's good and balanced march is to have such a record handy.

The author emphasizes that this record is oriented to three parties:

The student's guardian, the teacher of the Qur'an and the student

An integrated cooperation among these three parties is indispensable for this record to give the required fruit.

The bookshop of Dar al-Ghawthani is pleased to render this new publication to those who have made their way to the memorization of Almighty Allah's Book, hoping that it will benefit them and help them to complete the memorization of His Book

Daily record to follow up on memorizing the Quran - female - English

Written by: Dr. Yahya Al-Ghouthani

Number of pages: 56